VISION LOCATION RECENT PRESS ABOUT ADAM LOOSE LUGGAGE MEDIA's primary vision is to create excellent, artfully crafted media - specifically photography and digital short films. Our clients have ranged from small and large non-profits, to fashion brands, magazines, individuals, and large commerical corportations. The specific nitch that we have nestled into has mostly been in creating media that involves packing up gear and luggage, and trapsing around the globe to capture stories that connect consumers and donors with real-life on-the-ground stories. This has taken Adam Sjöberg, founder of Loose Luggage Media, to over 35 countries since 2005. ﷯
We live in a culture saturated with... well... everything. We consume news, information, images, and video at an unbelievable rate. And although the walls between the consumer or donor and the foundation or company are thinner then ever, the sheer volume of information that is out there makes it incredibly difficult to rise above the fray. That is why it is more important then ever to work hard to create dynamic, artfully crafted media that can authentically and truthfully capture the cause, product, or service, boiled down for the viewer, and make it easy for them to act, buy, or become involved. Loose Luggage Media has always been most excited when creating work (film or photography) that surprises. That's why we're always searching for unexpected stories out of unexpected places. Instead of the tiresome image or film of the weepy-eyed, fly-faced African child that robs them of their dignity, we've learned to move past assumptions and allow for people around the world, regardless of their social status, to be the primary captain steering their narrative. Instead of bringing in truck-loads of pre-suppositions we try to ask questions, pause before pushing record or flipping open the camera's shutter, and engage all senses in learning about the person, people group, or issue that we're there to document. When you open your eyes, the world surprises you. And audiences tend to pay attention. They tend to perk up. And the story tends to rise above the noise. We are the keepers of our own story. Loose Luggage Media started out as a simple blog. Adam Sjöberg, born and raised in the midwest and northeast, and supplanted to Los Angeles, decided to hit the road for 6 months in 2008, earning his way through small photography gigs. The idea was simple: to live on very little, need nothing, but be up for anything. ﷯ Well, a lot has changed in the last 5 years. But that spirit is still alive within the projects that Adam pursues. In 2008, at the end of Adam's travels, he settled into New York City and began to put down roots. . . sort of. As the scope of his work, both personal and commercial, grew, so did his number of frequent flyer miles. Adam has now produced work that has taken him to 39 countries. This includes projects for benefit companies like TOMs Shoes, Warby Parker and Edun, as well as for non-profits like Charity Water, Liberty in North Korea, Pilgrim Africa, and the Troy and Theadora Polamalu Foundation. Ever-anxious to capture life and stories on film, Adam's filmmaking pursuits stretched into the feature category in 2012 as he completed his first feature documentary, "We All Might Make It." Additionally, he has been filming his magnum opus, "Shake the Dust," since 2009, documenting hip-hop culture and break-dancing in places like Yemen, Uganda, Colombia, Egypt and Cambodia. Though not yet completed, this film has already garnered international interest both grass-roots and commercial, and has been covered by TED Talks and BBC World News, among others. ''My travels have ruined me forever - for the better. They have redefined, for me, the definition of poverty. I have found some of the richest people in the world, in some of the darkest corners. Poverty is not about money, but about broken relationships of every kind, and those can exist anywhere." For this reason Adam has found himself comfortable in oddly disparate shooting scenarios - from slums in central Africa, to a fishing boat with an NFL player in the South Pacific, to a wild Yemeni wedding in the streets of Sana'a, to a lavished party on a private estate in the Carribbean. There is beauty in both places, and to love beauty is to see light. In 2012, Adam moved back to Los Angeles to expand his studio. He is currently finishing a short film about a North Korean refugee, planning the final shoot schedule for "Shake the Dust," and working on promotion and distribution for "We All Might Make It." Loose Luggage Media is based in Los Angeles, California and is located in the warehouse district of downtown LA, near the Arts District.